School Leaders

 Each student in year 6 holds a position of responsibility at St Brigid's Primary School and is a member of a Leadership Team.

GOAL: To offer support to help the school and its members work cooperatively to make St Brigid’s a positive, safe and happy environment.

Congratulations to our School Community Group for 2013

Charlie, Ruebenn, Brooke, Breanna, Rachael, Maddison, Grace, Celine, Chelsea, Steven, Mitchell & Emma M



 GOAL: To support the school in liturgical celebrations and develop social awareness P-6.

Congratulations to our Liturgy & Social Justice Group for 2013

Bianca, Isabella, Finlay, ARabella, Rayner, Noah, Amiriya, Helena, Emma C & Tia


GOAL: To promote a healthy life style and assist with the organisation of events to foster health and wellbeing in our whole school community.

Congratulations to our Sport Leaders  for 2013

Goretti (Red)- Massimo, Ryley & Kelci

Bosco (Blue) - Ashleigh, Thomas

McKillop (Yellow)- Harry M, Xavier, Sam & Harry V


GOAL: To promote a school community environment that makes St. Brigid’s a welcoming, positive and safe experience or all.

Congratulations to our Public Relations Group for 2013

Poppy, Ayichu, Alysha, Kayle, Cameron, Declan, Angus, Jordan & Molly


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