Gardening Club


At St Brigid's we are keen to develop the school yard to make the grounds interesting for our students.
Gardening Club operates on Monday at lunchtime. The enthusiastic response (over 70 students signed up ) to this initiative is testament to parenting that encourages hands on involvement. 


We planted some more vegetable seedlings and placed handfuls of Lucerne over the soil and around the seedlings. Mrs. Ziino said this was like tucking the seedlings into bed with a comfy doona around them! Thankyou Mr. & Mrs. Watson for getting the Lucerne for us.

 Week 7 in the VEGGIE PATCH


 Wow what a difference a couple of weeks have made!!!

Some of the vegetables we are growing are silverbeet, parsnips, leeks and spinach.  

Cooking with what we have grown

We have been cooking with some of the produce that we have grown...

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