Getting Along

Getting Along

Getting Along is evident when students work cooperatively with each other, resolve conflicts by discussion rather than fights, manage their anger, show tolerance of others, and follow important class rules.

Getting Along behaviour includes:

  • Listening in class
  • Taking turns
  • Handling conflict by talking rationally to one another
  • Not getting too angry with someone who behaves unfairly or inconsiderately
  • Including others in activities and games
  • Making sure certain students are not left out or not picked for a game
  • Sincerely complimenting another student.
  • There are several key ingredients in the recipe for successful ‘Getting Along’.
  • Tolerance

It is important to teach students not to judge or condemn others as ‘bad’ or inferior people on the basis of their actions or differences

Playing By the Rules

Students need to understand that rules not only help them stay out of trouble, but also help them to achieve their goals. Students do have choices about how they react to rules and circumstances they perceive as unfair. Rules are designed to ensure the world is a fairer and safer place.


Thinking First

Students need to realize that there are alternative courses of action when faced with interpersonal conflict, to think about the consequences of their proposed actions, and to anticipate the impact of their actions on the feelings and rights of others.


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