Our Church

St Brigid’s Primary School, Mordialloc – St Mary of the Cross, Mordialloc and Aspendale Parish

St Brigid’s Primary School is located in the heart of Mordialloc within walking distance of the beach, shopping centre, railway station and bus stops. It is situated one kilometre from St Brigid’s Church allowing interaction with our Parish Priest, Father Andrew Jekot and the Church Community at large.

St Brigid’s Church is located at:

520 Main Street Mordialloc VIC 3195

Tel: 03 9580 1018

Fax: 03 9580 5729

Website: http://pol.org.au/mordialloc/Home.aspx

Our Parish Priest is Father Andrew Jekot

Parish Office:

Secretaries: Susan Dornom and Ann Fitzgerald
37 Dolphin Street, Aspendale, 3195
Phone: 9580 7981
Fax: 9587 6264
Mordialloc Email: mordialloc@cam.org.au

Mass Times