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St Brigid's Primary School Mordialloc

Students grow and learn in relation to self, others and their faith in optimal learning environments. Wellbeing is practice, perception, awareness and action. It is a condition of complete health—body, mind, and spirit.


Restorative Practice

At times in relationships conflict occurs. The Restorative Practices process  requires resolution, forgiveness and healing. This supports fostering an awareness of how the other is feeling.  Students learn to problem solve and reconcile in order to restore a sense of wellness and peace to the relationship.


Respectful Relationships

Respectful relationships is a whole school evidence based approach. It teaches social, emotional and positive relationship attitudes and skills. Factors that collectively contribute to promote resilience,  positive wellbeing and social cohesion.


Student Voice & Agency

At St Brigid’s we promote student voice, agency and leadership. These interrelated factors are recognised as integral to growth and learning. Students flourish in communities where they have agency to contribute and see themselves as resilient and valued citizens in the school and beyond.

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