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Our Curriculum

St Brigid's Primary School Mordialloc

“Where every child is known, challenged and supported to be lifelong learners.”

At St Brigid’s we value a sense of belonging and community, where we foster and nurture the whole child. We offer a diverse curriculum which encourages children to be curious, passionate and motivated learners, with qualities and skills that enable them to adapt to our changing world and be lifelong learners. Our students are encouraged to be active and responsible members of the local, national and global communities. Our learning is derived from the Victorian Curriculum and “HORIZONS OF HOPE”: An Education Framework for the Archdiocese Of Melbourne, which maps out our current educational landscape drawing out the

challenges and opportunities for learning and teaching in a Catholic context.


St Brigid's Mordialloc - Providing Quality Education since 1910

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Specialist Program

St Brigid’s Primary School offers its students an exciting specialist program in line with the Victorian Curriculum and Horizons of Hope (An educational framework from the Archdiocese of Melbourne)

The specialists programs are:

  • STEM

  • Visual Art

  • Physical Education

  • Italian

  • Performing Arts


Student Leadership

Each student in Year 6 holds a position of responsibility at St Brigid’s Primary School and is a member of a Leadership Team.



To promote a school community environment that makes St. Brigid’s a welcoming, positive and safe experience or all. 

To support the school in liturgical celebrations and develop social awareness F-6.


To promote a healthy lifestyle and assist with the organisation of events to foster health and wellbeing in our whole school community.



To promote an awareness of the diverse community we have at St Brigid’s and welcome them into our community


To support the ICT leader in maintaining our technology equipment, to enable children to gain maximum use of equipment.


To support the Sustainability leader to continue to make St Brigid’s an Environmentally friendly school.

Student Voice & Agency

At St Brigid’s we promote student voice, agency and leadership. These interrelated factors are recognised as integral to growth and learning. Students flourish in communities where they have agency to contribute and see themselves as resilient and valued citizens in the school and beyond.

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Buddy Program

St Brigid’s offers a Prep and Year 6 Buddy Program. Students are buddied up with one or two Year 6 students who support our new prep students to transition into school life. They meet regularly to support positive peer interactions to promote values of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.


External Programs

Music Program

At St Brigid’s we offer private music tuition provided by Junior Rockers. A number of instruments are available for students to learn through this program. Students have the opportunity to be tutored either privately or in small groups on:

  • clarinet

  • flute

  • guitar

  • recorder

  • keyboard

  • drums

  • voice


All students are invited to participate in the junior and senior choir. Regular performance opportunities are provided for all students.

Call Junior Rockers on 1300 GO ROCK (1300 46 7625) or click here to access the Junior Rockers Website


A number of community groups run after school programs such as:

  • ACRO KIDS - gymnastic




See our newsletter for details of these programs.

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