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St Brigid's Primary School Mordialloc

At St Brigid’s we  believe in the importance of partnerships between parents, students and school. We work together to create a safe and engaging school for our students and encourage parents to be involved as much as possible.

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We have a newsletter published weekly, one week is a student newsletter written by our Year 6 leaders and the alternate week is written by the principal.  Click here for our latest Newsletter.  Click here for our latest Student Newsletter.


Term 3

Week 1 - 18.07.24

Week 2 - 25.07.24

Week 3 - 1.08.24

Week 4 - 8.08.24

Week 5 - 15.08.24

Week 6 - 22.08.24

Week 7 - 29.08.24

Week 8 - 5.09.24

Week 9 - 12.09.24

Week 10 - 9.09.24 


Term 4

Week 1 - 10.10.24

Week 2 - 17.10.24

Week 3 - 24.10.24

Week 4 - 31.04.24

Week 5 - 07.11.24

Week 6 - 14.11.24

Week 7 - 21.11.24

Week 8 - 28.11.24

Week 9 - 5.12.24

Week 10 - 12.12.24



Communication is vital for the smooth running of our school. Our communication platforms are:


  • SkoolBag

  • Newsletters

  • Operoo

  • SeeSaw

  • and Emails



Get Involved

At St Brigid’s we aim to create a welcoming community for families to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. Our pastoral environment is nurtured through the fostering of quality relationships, supportive structures and networks of care. Families are warmly encouraged to become involved in the life of the school.

Getting involved at school:

  • Helps build our sense of school as a community.

  • Sends a message to our children that we value their education.

  • Engenders a sense of pride in our school.

  • Helps to make our school a better place.

  • Help raise funds to provide further resources for our Students.

  • Build community spirit.


There are many ways that parents can get involved:


Classroom helpers, Class Parent Representatives,, School Disco, School Advisory Council, Uniform Shop, Social and Fundraising Committees, Working Bees, Excursions, Parent Education Evenings, Information Nights, Sports Days, Sports Coaching, Swimming Program, Fun Run, School Production, Drama and Music Events, Mother’s/Father’s Day stalls and events, Grandparents’ Day, Special Lunches, Sausage Sizzles, Library Help, Book Fair, Book Club, School Masses, St Brigid’s Day Celebrations, Parish/Sacramental Activities, Pastoral Care for Families,, St Vincent de Paul Food Collections, Year 6 Graduation, Christmas Celebrations


School Advisory Council

Parents are invited to join the School Advisory Council which meets once a term.

The School Advisory Council:

  • Acts as an advisory body to the Principal.

  • Provides links between the Principal, Parish Priest, parents and teachers.

  • Contributes to school policy.

  • Discusses school issues and makes recommendations.

  • Promotes the school and strengthens school/community links.

  • Enables parents to have a say in the decision-making process.


Road Safety

Thanks to the City of Kingston for all the hard work they have put into Road Safety around our school.  Attached are a number of great flyers that will assist you with staying safe on the roads around our School and Students:

Hear From Our Community

"I like it because when it's playtime, someone always lets me join in."

Declan, Student


"St Brigid's is really friendly and welcoming.  It is a wonderful place to go to school."

Aisha, Student

"Because of the education. You are in  a good learning environment, everyone's really nice. In the senior area there is a big space to share."

Ella, Student


"Because of the different sporting activities, it is also good because we respect God."

Oliver, Student

"The teaching staff at St Brigid's are committed to working with and alongside individual children, parents, and outside agencies to ensure children are given every opportunity to accomplish their personal best. This commitment has nurtured my child's ability to develop character, creativity, compassion, and connection. She is supported, challenged, and stretched to achieve her potential.

At St Brigid's all the teaching staff know each child by name and personality."

Natasha, Parent


"From the very first time we walked through the doors at St Brigid's Primary, I was confident that our two girls would be nurtured to thrive and be the best they can be.

The school is a community with shared values that in partnership ensures our daughters are known and respected as individuals.


They are supported and challenged to continually grow and learn and this is the cornerstone of their achievements, friendships and happiness."

Belinda, Parent

"St Brigid's provides an environment that encourages and promotes my daughters love for learning. Her social, emotional and academic needs are catered to at the very highest of standards."

Gary, Parent

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